ULV 50 Fogging machine

ULV 50 Fogger - Disinfectant sprayer/Chemical Fogging Machine

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The ULV 50 Fogger is perfect for sanitising large areas.  it is designed for simple and convenient use.  It is easy to operate, hard wearing and low maintenance.  it is the perfect solution for preventing the spread of virus's and bacteria such as Covid-19.

The ULV 50 Fogger can be used to apply disinfectant to surface areas.  Once you have filled the tank with cleaning solution it is fast and effective to spray the solution over the required area. 

Example areas of application:

  • Offices
  • Classrooms
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Churches
  • Holiday Accommodation
  • Playgrounds
  • Factories 

ULV 50 Fogger Technical Specification

Voltage: 230v

Motor: 1200w
Tank Capacity: 5 litre
Coverage: 1000 m2/hour
Spray Volume: 0-330 ml/min
Nozzle Type: Fixed
Spray Angle: Adjustable
Power Cord: 5mtr
Weight: Approx 4.5kg (empty)
Dimensions: 195mm W x 430mm L x 550mm H