Air-Fog 10 Vehicle Fogger
Air-Fog 10 Vehicle Fogger
Air-Fog 10 Vehicle Fogger
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Air-Fog 10 Vehicle Fogger

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  • Cold fogging device
  • Ideal for sanitising cars, vans and truck cabs
  • Requires a compressed air supply
  • Creates an even spray (fog)
  • Can be used without an operator present
  • Droplet sizes below 30µm

This small fogger is ideal for use in the automotive trade industry, where the availability of compressed air supply is available.

Suitable for use in small areas, the Air-fog 10 can be used to disinfect / sanitise taxis, hire cars, buses, coaches, van and trucks etc. when used with an appropriate antiviral disinfectant.

This fogger requires a compressed air connection with an effective air volume of approx. 200 l / min and at least 3 bar air pressure. Droplet sizes depend on the type of disinfectant used but are typically below 30µm even when the valve is turned fully open. Higher air pressures create smaller droplets. Due to the extremely fine nebulization, the active ingredient reaches every corner of the vehicle interior or compartment, penetrating even the smallest cracks and achieving an effective and even wetting of all surfaces.

The Air-Fog 10 can be used as a hand tool, or can also be left in the vehicle to work on its own. The disinfectant solution can be mixed in the tank, then the fogger is placed in the vehicle or attached using the holder (available separately) and connected to the compressed air supply. The swirl nozzle (included) creates a highly swirling fog, suitable for smaller areas like vehicle interiors.

How to sanitise vehicle interiors in minutes

  • Before fogging, thoroughly clean the vehicle
  • Place the vehicle in a cool, ventilated place
  • Fill the spray gun with antiviral disinfectant
  • Connect the device to an oil free compressor
  • Place the spray gun in the vehicle interior, or attach the spray bottle to the inside of the window using the holder
  • Open the air supply and run the fogger until the interior is visibly foggy
  • Switch off the device and leave for a few minutes
  • Finally, open all doors to briefly ventilate the vehicle

Can be used with anti-viral disinfectant suitable for COVID-19 protection.

Technical data: Air-Fog 10 Compressed Air Vehicle Fogger

Features: Air-Fog 10
Construction Stainless steel and plastic
Required inlet pressure 3 bar
Air consumption at 3 bar 180-220 litres/min
Swirl nozzle recommended pressure settings 2 – 5 bar (optimum 4 bar)
Solution container 1 litre, sufficient for several vehicles