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Premium Face Masks - Pack of 10

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Face masks should be used when social distancing guidelines are not possible to maintain.  These face coverings can be worn on public transport or in shops and supermarkets as per current UK government guidelines.  

Premium face masks can be worn to reduce the spread of Covid-19. These masked are shaped to your face and offer a snug fit and are held in place by an elastic loop. 

The masks are constructed with 5 different layers of material to assist with the filtering of bacteria:

Outer layer - Non-woven
Layer 4 - Electrostatic absorption filter
Layer 3 - Electrostatic absorption filter
Layer 2 - PP Cotton
Inner layer - Non woven

Whilst ensuring filtration, the masks are lightweight and breathable.  With the adjustable nose bridge you can ensure a better fit to your face with a three dimensional fit which is skin friendly and comfortable.

The face masks are supplied in boxes of 10 with next day delivery but bulk orders are welcome.

User Guide to wearing Premium Face masks:

1. Check if it contains any defects, holes or tears.
2. The adjustable nose bridge should be facing upwards.
3. Use your index finger to pinch the nose bridge to ensure a snug fit.
4. Adjust the mask to ensure it covers your nose and mouth.